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You’re in The Oval Office


You’re in The Oval Office

By, Nancy Hammond

You’re in The Oval Office, Pee 45, and we are here to resist your hateful creeds. We the People will not use your name or buy your brand. In a pissing contest, you have perverted this nation and assaulted our civil liberties, while ignoring the Constitution. Let there be no question that this Republican administration is obsessed with dismantling the lives of the American people, including our Federal Government.

Pee 45’s use of language has been both enigmatic and fanatical. This has led me to do my own research. I began by examining his personality and noticed his odd arousal from anything and everything that a civil society prohibits. He becomes notably more animated when humiliating people, whereby, reacting personally humiliated. So naturally, I turned to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) which is now a critical read, along with the Constitution. I subsequently turned to Wikipedia and followed the dots. My queries became unraveled when I found the British physician and psychologist with the birth name of Henry Havelock Ellis (1859-1939.) I read that he was both a sexologist and impotent. Havelock Ellis confessed that he had been impotent up until the age of sixty, but after watching a woman urinate everything changed. He coined this finding Urolagnia or Urophilia which is sexual excitement associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination. It is well-known that Havelock Ellis developed the concepts of Autoerotism and Narcissism. There it is, Pee 45 in the year 2013 at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton Presidential Suite! “Golden Showers” are considered a sexual fetish and a tap for impotency. For the skeptics, allow my empirical evidence as proof that I have indeed cracked this nut. Pee 45 is on record as saying: Believe me, there’s no problem down there, I just can’t help myself, and everyone that knows me, knows that I’m a germaphobe. He went even further and told the world that he knows, all too well, that Russia uses hidden cameras in their hotel rooms. Why did we need to hear that? Pee 45’s choice of embarrassing words gives him away like a child who lies about wetting the bed. In the words of Havelock Ellis, “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on”.

The lowermost measure of Pee 45 may be found in his sexual appetite which includes his arrangement with Vladimir Putin to cover it up. This is consistent with Pee 45’s core personality; humiliate or be humiliated. Either way, there is that Russian dossier rumored to contain obscene and compromising personal information. If my theory is correct, it is unconscionable to imagine that our nation’s National Security is in jeopardy because Pee 45 finds enjoyment with urine and is a Urophiliac.

There has been much fuss made over Pee 45’s hidden tax records but we may also want to include his other fallacious proclivities. There is a whiff of treason in the air like nothing America has ever known and this whopper may ultimately climax with Pee 45 locked up, for our own good.

Trump Issues Media Blackout at Multiple Federal Agencies 

Trump Issues Media Blackout at Multiple Federal Agencies

Moves come amid growing concern that Trump and his appointees will suppress scientific innovation and research to advance their own ideological agenda

by: Lauren McCauley writer

Though the majority of President Donald Trump’s controversial cabinet nominations have not yet been confirmed, his so-called “beachhead” teams have arrived at their respective agencies, carrying out orders that make clear that the “War on Science” has begun.

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed broke the news that scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are no longer allowed to share information about taxpayer-funded research with the public.

In an email sent Monday and obtained by the news outlet, Sharon Drumm, chief of staff for the USDA’s primary in-house research arm, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), told the department: “Starting immediately and until further notice, ARS will not release any public-facing documents…This includes, but is not limited to, news releases, photos, fact sheets, news feeds, and social media content.”

As BuzzFeed noted,

Though some Agricultural Research Service work touches on sensitive subjects like pesticides and genetically modified food, its research is generally less politically charged than that conducted by other agencies, especially those focused on understanding climate change, such as the Environmental Protection Agency.  But under the Obama administration, the Agriculture Department funneled research money into finding ways of cutting down the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from cows.

At the same time, Trump surrogate Myron Ebell, a climate change denier who has led the transition for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has confirmed reports that the new administration has ordered a “freeze” on grants and contracts at the agency—a move that the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) warns “could seriously impede the agency’s work…protect[ing] our health and the environment from pollution.”

In a press statement, Andrew Rosenberg, director of the Center for Science and Democracy at UCS, condemned the moves, describing the as “equally short-sighted and destructive.”

“These actions don’t just threaten scientists—they threaten everyone in the country who breathes air, drinks water, and eats food,” said Rosenberg. “These agency scientists carry out research in support of policies that protect our health and safety and help farmers, and it makes no sense to put up walls between them and the public, or unilaterally halt the work they do.”

“That the administration has moved so quickly to clamp down on scientists shows that the Trump administration is more focused on lifting rules on polluters than keeping our air and water clean,” he added.

But that’s not all. It has become apparent that the Trump administration has also ordered a media blackout at the EPA, as well as at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

According to an internal EPA memo obtained by the Huffington Post, specific prohibitions include banning press releases, blog updates, new website content, or posts to the agency’s social media accounts, while all external communications and speaking engagements must be approved by the president’s “Beach Team.”

On Tuesday, the Huffington Post reported speaking to officials from several other agencies who confirmed that a similar communication lockdown had been instituted.

HuffPost‘s Sam Stein and Kate Sheppard report:

Officials at sub-agencies of the Department of Health and Human Services, for example, have been told not to send “any correspondence to public officials” according to a memo shared with HuffPost. Instead, they have been asked to refer questions to agency leadership until the leadership has had time to meet with incoming White House staff about the new administration’s policies and objectives, according to a congressional official who was also informed of the communications freeze.

An official with the National Institutes of Health told HuffPost after the initial publication of this piece that an email had been sent to the directors of NIH institutes and centers providing guidance from HHS on how to handle new or pending regulation, policy or guidance.

“The HHS guidance instructs HHS Operating Divisions to hold on publishing new rules or guidance in the Federal Register or other public forums and discussing them with public officials until the Administration has had an opportunity to review them,” the official said.

During his press briefing Tuesday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said he needed to look further into the matter to offer a comment.

The clampdown comes amid growing concern that Trump and his appointees will suppress scientific innovation and research to advance their own ideological agenda.

More than 5,500 scientists have signed on to an open letter, sent to Trump in the days following his election, warning against the dangers of allowing “political or corporate influence” to override scientific fact.

“Americans recognize that science is critical to improving our quality of life, and when science is ignored or politically corrupted, it’s the American people who suffer,” said physicist Lewis Branscomb, professor at the University of California, San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy, who served as vice president and chief scientist at IBM and as director of the National Bureau of Standards under President Richard Nixon.

Source: Trump Issues Media Blackout at Multiple Federal Agencies | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

‘Shocking’: North Dakota Republicans Want to Legalize Running Over Protesters

‘Shocking’: North Dakota Republicans Want to Legalize Running Over ProtestersBill introduced last week would protect any driver who ‘unintentionally causes injury or death to an individual obstructing vehicular traffic’

by: Nadia Prupis

Running over protesters may soon be legal in North Dakota, if conservative lawmakers are successful in advancing legislation introduced last week.

House Bill Number 1203 (pdf) states that, “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a driver of a motor vehicle who unintentionally causes injury or death to an individual obstructing vehicular traffic on a public road, street, or highway, is not guilty of an offense.”

The bill is slated to be heard by the North Dakota’s House Transportation Committee on Friday.

Rep. Keith Kempenich (R-Bowman), one of the bill’s co-sponsors, told the Bismarck Tribuneon Wednesday, “[The roads are] not there for the protesters. They’re intentionally putting themselves in danger.”

“It’s shifting the burden of proof from the motor vehicle driver to the pedestrian,” Kempenich said.

Tara Houska, an Indigenous water protector and attorney who has resided at the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) resistance camps since August, told NBC News that the bill was “a direct violation of our First Amendment rights.”

“It’s shocking to see legislation that allows for people to literally be killed for exercising their right to protest in a public space,” said Houska, who also serves as the national campaigns director for Honor the Earth, an Indigenous-focused environmental nonprofit.

Water protectors at times blocked roads leading to DAPL construction sites as part of the resistance to the pipeline. Blocking traffic is also an occasional tactic of various environmental and human rights movements.

Houska also criticized another bill in the legislative lineup that would require North Dakota’s attorney general to sue the federal government to recoup some of the cost of policing the months-long DAPL protests.

“These [bills] are meant to criminalize the protests with no real concern for constitutional law,” she said.

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault II added, “The state claims they want to work closely with the tribe on repairing our relationship with them. Clearly that is not happening when legislation that impacts us is being drafted without consultation, consent, or even basic communication.”

Allison Renville, an activist from the Lakota nation, saw the bills as an insult to sovereign Native American communities, and expressed concern about the recent naming of Republican Sen. John Hoeven, a supporter of the DAPL pipeline and fossil fuel industry, as chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

“This is a really scary time for Indian Country,” Renville told NBC News. “To have such an avid supporter of the oil industry who has consistently stated his support for extractive industry projects on Native lands named to the position as chairman is akin to stepping on our sovereignty.”

Source: ‘Shocking’: North Dakota Republicans Want to Legalize Running Over Protesters | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community