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Why we do what we do: To decrease human suffering and to promote human values of equality and justice.

Activate Magazine is an on-line publication that focuses on the political and social justice sides of our communities. Some of the work here may come with a defiant sneer and others with brutal cynicism but it all comes with a sense of genuity. Not all the viewpoints or perspectives here represent the values or ideals of Activate Media. That being said we try to be fair in journalistic principles.

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MusicReview: Angela Edge – Burning Paper



MusicReview: Angela Edge – Burning Paper

By: Guy Quixote

I’ve listened to this a couple times now. There are some pleasant dynamics on Burning Paper. The sonic turbulence on Bulldozer was unexpected. There are warm and resonant moments that made me think back to a Tori Amos show a bunch of years ago. At other points, I want to call this white suburban dystopian blues.

Angele Edge is from Arkansas and has been playing music since the age of 12, and attended the University of Arkansas on a music scholarship playing trumpet. She started playing bass at 14 and has played in a classic rock band as well as touring as part of a folk unit with Jori Costello, who also plays on ‘Burning Paper’.

My favorite selection on this release is ‘Bulldozer. I really like what was done with the bass and guitar on this, and there is a definitely a Nico thing happening with the vocals. I like the warmth of ‘fireless wings’, and can totally picture it being used in a video project. I really like ‘Plastic Boat’, it does remind me of Tori Amos though. ‘Dance with you’ makes me think of a conquistador slowly stalking their prey.

Interesting textures and eq’ing. All in all, I’d say there is much more here than folk. Give ‘Burning Paper a listen Here Angela Edge: Burning Paper.

Activate Media February 18

Introducing: Activate Nation!

Introducing: Activate Nation!

By: Patrick Wilson

I’ll admit, the name sounds just as corny to me. I’m very open to a discussion revolving around a name for our membership! For now, let’s go with this as it’s simple. For a long time, I was undecided about how I wanted to look at a membership program at Activate Media. For the most part, those that use the term membership in conjunction with broadcasting think of tote bags and raising funds to meet budgetary needs. To me, it should mean much more. Belonging to a community is a big part of how I look at it. Hands on experience and the wisdom that comes with it are invaluable. 


In introducing this program we are including a volunteer membership and three levels that are financially based. Our support has always come directly from the public. Our gratitude is endless for that support. We are also now pursuing grants and underwriters. A grant schedule is being put together, and we are also rolling out an underwriting program, details available upon request. If a tote bag and a membership card are more your things, those can be had after a year of membership! We also anticipate many great items and services that can be had through our underwriters for our members.

We would also like to hear from you if as a member you would like to have a role in helping build a healthy community of members. Please send all inquiries to activatemedia01@gmail.com.

If you’d like to become a member right now, you can go to our website and click the donate button and choose to give $5 or more on a monthly basis. Include your email address, and we’ll contact you for the rest. 🙂



Design Contest! Activate Media

Design Contest! Activate Media

By now you’ve noticed that we change the image pretty regularly in some areas of our website. It keeps areas like our Calendar looking fresh! We are curious to see some of your interpretations of some of the themes we’ve explored a bit. 


We know that there are very talented graphic artists in our midst. We’d like to show off your talents a little bit. Put together your poetically political graphical statement using our logo and web address and whatever graphics are legally allowed to be used in promotion of Activate Media.


Please send your submission to activatesubmissions@gmail.com

Those received before February 28th will be considered for use on our website in March of 2018. Please submit your work via email as an attachment in jpg or png. There is n prize in this contest beyond recognition, but we may link your website to the image if it gets chosen.