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Currently, your event can be listed here by sending an invite on facebook to the ‘occupied nation’ page. We reserve the right to remove any posting for any reason. Making sure to include all the pertinent information and maps on your event page makes it easier for people to get to your event. It is our hope that this brings communities together across all divides.

Summer Movies in Egleston Square @ Egleston Square Peace Garden
Aug 5 @ 7:00 pm – Aug 16 @ 7:00 pm

Your one stop “Event” for our family film nights at the Peace Garden.
We gather starting at 7pm and start the film at 8pm

Wednesday, August 2
My Life As A Zucchini
After his mother’s sudden death, Zucchini is befriended by a police officer, Raymond, who accompanies him to his new foster home, filled with other orphans his age. At first he struggles to find his place in this at times strange and hostile environment. But with Raymond’s help and his newfound friends, Zucchini eventually learns to trust and love, as he searches for a new family of his own.


Wednesday, August 9
Under the cover of darkness a small boy, Maki, loosens the shackles that bind him and escapes into the desert night. Pursued by slavers across the moon-lit savannah, Maki meets Zarafa, a baby giraffe – and an orphan, just like him – as well as the nomad Hassan, Prince of the Desert. Hassan takes them to Alexandria for an audience with the Pasha of Egypt, who orders him to deliver the exotic animal as a gift to King Charles of France. And so Maki, Zarafa and Hassan take off in a hot-air balloon to cross the Mediterranean, setting off an adventure across Northern Africa, the bustling port of Marseilles, and over the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, arriving at last in Paris. But all the while, Maki is determined to find a way to return Zarafa to her rightful home.


Wednesday, August 16
April and the Extraordinary World
From the creators of the Academy Award®-nominated Persepolis and the mind of renowned graphic novelist Jacques Tardi comes a riveting sci-fi adventure set in an alternate steampunk universe.

Paris, 1941. A family of scientists is on the brink of discovering a powerful longevity serum when all of a sudden a mysterious force abducts them, leaving their young daughter April behind. Ten years later, April (voiced by Academy Award® nominee Marion Cotillard) lives alone with her dear cat, Darwin, and carries on her family’s research in secret. But she soon finds herself at the center of a shadowy and far-reaching conspiracy, and on the run from government agents, bicycle-powered dirigibles and cyborg rat spies.


Wednesday, August 23
Song of the Sea
From the creators of the Academy Award®-nominated The Secret of Kells comes a breathtakingly gorgeous, hand-drawn masterpiece. Based on the Irish legend of the Selkies, Song of the Sea tells the story of the last seal-child, Saoirse, and her brother Ben, who go on an epic journey to save the world of magic and discover the secrets of their past. Pursued by the owl witch Macha and a host of ancient and mythical creatures, Saoirse and Ben race against time to awaken Saoirse’s powers and keep the spirit world from disappearing forever. As enthralling for adults as it is for children young and old, Song of the Sea is a wonder of magical storytelling and visual splendor that is destined to become a classic.


Wednesday, August 30
The Prophet
The Prophet, by celebrated Lebanese author Kahlil Gibran, is among the most popular volumes of poetry ever written, selling over 100 million copies in forty languages since its publication in 1923. Gibran’s timeless verses have been given enchanting new form in this painterly cinematic adventure about freedom and the power of human expression.

Set in a Mediterranean sea-side village, Kamila (Salma Hayek) cleans house for exiled artist and poet Mustafa (Liam Neeson), but the more difficult job is keeping her free-spirited young daughter, Almitra, (Quvenzhané Wallis) out of trouble. The three embark on a journey meant to end with Mustafa’s return home – but first they must evade the authorities who fear that the truth in his words will incite rebellion.


District 7 SuperVoter Series, week 2 @ Dudley Dough
Aug 10 @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Dudley Dough and The RoxVote Coalition are excited to host open community conversations with 3-4 District 7 Candidates each week in August! Each candicate will have 30 minutes to speak, 15 to present and 15 for Q&A.

Candidates invited for August 10th, week 2 of our series will be:
Hassan Williams
Carlos Henriquez
Angie Camacho


El gran mitote at Assambly row @ Sylvester Baxter Riverfront State Park
Aug 10 @ 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

Thrilled to play by the mystic river as an opening act for big Jon and the mattres factory.
Since my birthday will be two days earlier, We’ll be celebrating my 21 ( by 2) with cake, clowns, family, friends, and playing some latin rock standars.


Confronting Systemic Racism @ Anti-Racism Collaborative
Aug 10 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

This course will focus on bridging a deep understanding of personal and structural racism into commitments and a solid plan to move forward! If you’re looking to understand your experiential role in the dynamics of systemic racism or if you are interested in finding the next step in framing your role in social justice movements. This course is geared to move beyond talking about racism and social oppression and set on finding ways to take action, whether in your own personal sphere and in your community.

Please join us for a powerful 5-week course facilitated by local multi-racial faciliatators. All are welcome but please note the course takes an explicit view that transforming both ourselves and our society into a racially just place implicates a responsibility in white and privileged folks to engage in this work more robustly.

The course sessions take place starting from Thursday at 6:30 – 8:30 pm, August 10th in the Harvard Square area.

Tution is $70 per person. Sliding-scale need-based scholaships are available.

To register please complete the following 2-steps:

1) Recieve your ticket from Eventbrite
2) Complete your registration form – https://goo.gl/forms/6hwArtpiXSpAZdKp2


An Evening of Music & Immersive Streetscape Projections @ Egleston Square Peace Garden
Aug 10 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Ascending Neighbors Togetherness Improvisational Freedom Arts Collaborative (ANTIFAC)

Experience the magic of making movies, live and in person with lights, cameras and action!

This is an experimental, improvised performance event, complete with projections, a live band, an illuminated set – the works! – and you can become a creative partner in the moment if you are moved to do so.

Footage from the live performance will be cut down later into a movie to be screened in Egleston Square and elsewhere – maybe even Hollywood! Come be inspired and entertained by a diverse set of artists improvising with their many talents and gizmos.


Bryan McPherson in Lowell! @ Thirsty First: Tavern & Grill
Aug 10 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Bryan McPherson in Lowell at Thirsty First Tavern!


Singer Bryan McPherson has a tattoo of the unmistakable silhouette of the United States of America on his right arm – the contiguous 48 states, at least. This may seem a strange idiosyncrasy for an artist who is largely considered a protest singer. Truly, McPherson pulls no punches when pointing out the darker side of his homeland, and given the dynamic, folk-punk delivery of his songs about the labor movement, race relations, income inequality, women’s rights, gay rights and other causes of the oppressed and marginalized, it is nearly impossible to not be moved by his message. His agile and shouted tenor, uptempo guitar playing and frenetic harmonica accompaniment are reminiscent of an amped up Woody Guthrie – or maybe Dylan on speed – and McPherson is fearless about taking his message to the people, logging thousands of miles playing solo shows from coast to coast. If there is a salient criticism of modern activism it is that it lacks heart and focus, but Bryan McPherson has both of these things in spades – because it’s when he slows down his tempos, dials down his rage and delivers stark, first-person songs about love and the loss of loved ones that his strong, vulnerable and indelible heart shines through. McPherson’s new album, Wedgewood, was recorded in a rustic studio near an abandoned gold mine in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains – a long way from his hometown of Boston. The collection of songs was named for the brand of wood burning stove that he tended to stay warm, and the theme of fire imparts the music with a palpable feeling of searing change. Bryan McPherson may be a slightly anachronistic protest singer in the Internet Age, but he is offering no vague indictments of those in power, he’s as real as they come. A keen eye will reveal that there are no state lines or red or blue ink to divide the country on McPherson’s tattoo, and that’s an apt reminder for all of those singing and fighting for a better world.
– Joe Armstrong, Independent’s Day
Having toured relentlessly since 2012, Bryan has countless full North American Tours under his belt, as well as a 2 European Tours in 2015.
He has toured with, opened up for, and shared the stage with many great artists – including Steve Earle, Chuck Berry, the Dropkick Murphys, Tim Barry, Cory Branan and Hamel on Trial to name a few.



Boston Comic Con 2017 @ Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Aug 11 @ 12:00 pm – Aug 13 @ 5:00 pm

Join us for the 10th Anniversary of #BostonComicCon at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, August 11-13 2017!

Tickets on sale March 1st!

This is a page for our fans to connect with each other about Boston Comic Con. If you have questions for us or want more info about this show…come hang out with us on the Boston Comic Con page!


Devendra Banhart (DJ set) – Boston, MA @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston
Aug 11 @ 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

DJ set at The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston for Summer Fridays


The Digs Farewell Show w/ Hey Zeus, Psychic Dog, The Pickup @ Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
Aug 11 @ 8:00 pm – 11:59 pm

The Digs (Final Show)
Hey Zeus
Psychic Dog
The Pickup

Tickets on sale now.


8.12 Queer Prisoner Support | Allston @ Swissbäkers
Aug 12 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

It’s high summer, and we’re here to support queer prisoners and prison abolition, until there is a world without cages!

Come read letters, connect prisoners to resources, celebrate birthdays, and share nerdy side commentary at the weekly Allston drop in.

Join us for wholesome work, mouthy community, and lots of love.

***Please bring a laptop and your charger.***

If you can’t bring a laptop, please come anyway (we’d appreciate if you comment that you’ll be coming without a computer). You can participate meaningfully in writing birthday and Pride cards to our incarcerated family.

12-3 pm
EVERY Saturday
Swissbakers in Allston

this location is wheelchair accessible
about 2 minutes from the the 66, 86, and immediately off the 70/70a bus routes
CHILDREN ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND and can participate in outreach by drawing on cards
There is a gender neutral, wheelchair accessible bathroom with a changing table
There is a parking lot with wheelchair accessible spots

We will:
– read mail from our incarcerated family and get them signed up for our newsletter and penpal service
– share stories and words from the mail we read
– write birthday cards to incarcerated folks in MA and around the country
– type up newsletter and zine submissions

And we’ll make space to talk about our pen-pals, prison abolition under a Trump administration, killing queer characters, institutional racism, alcohol companies exploiting a vulnerable population at Pride, and other topics for polite conversation.

We host two other drop ins weekly:
Sundays, 3-6 pm, at Encuentro 5 Downtown (not wheelchair accessible)
Wednesdays, 7-9 pm, at First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain (wheelchair accessible)


March for Net Neutrality – NYC @ 64th & Central Park West
Aug 12 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The internet – the world’s most powerful education, entertainment, and communication tool – is in danger. If you enjoy your moments here on Facebook, binge-watching on Netflix, or Googling all of life’s most interesting questions, you need to join our cause.

The FCC is voting to remove Net Neutrality rules that prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from destroying the internet as you imagine it.

If Net Neutrality is destroyed the ISPs will have full reign over the internet, this means you can expect to see things like internet fast lanes. What does that mean? Imagine having to pay extra money to access your favorite websites.

This effects more than just consumers. Anti-neutrality activists may argue that these pesky regulations decrease investments and infrastrucure developments. Comcast, one of the largest ISPs, made clear that this is just not true, these regulations are not lowering their investments.

Without Net Neutrality, ISPs can also force websites like Amazon to pay additional fees to be accessible. Can you imagine how much different the world would be if all of the garage-based startups of the world were forced to pay fees just to be seen by consumers?

Net Neutrality is in the best interest of all consumers, small businesses, and consumers and we need you to make a difference and support the cause.


Marijuasana – Cannabis Yoga in Boston!
Aug 12 @ 12:00 pm – Aug 13 @ 7:30 pm

Are you ready Boston? Marijuasana is the blend of cannabis & yoga that provides a delicious experience to excite the senses! Classes are structured so that participants can socialize and build community with each other, while doing an accessible yoga style after consuming hemp tea.

This limited time workshop will be held in a private home, and guests are invited to bring their own cannabis to consume during class.

Please email stacey@marijuasana.com if your question is not answered below, and sign up for the events newsletter at:



What can I expect?

Classes are in an intimate and beautiful space where you are served Hemp Kettle Tea Company tea, and given instruction by Stacey Mulvey of Denver, CO. Stacey is a gifted movement teacher that emphasizes a somatic approach to yoga, which means we focus on the quality of your bodily experience, rather than the shape your body is making. You’ll receive education on the benefits of cannabis throughout the class, and get to meet a diverse group of like-minded people. You will feel accepted and encouraged to smoke weed as part of your healthy lifestyle.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

You must be 21+.

What can I bring into the event?

Please bring a yoga mat, a water bottle, and wear comfortable clothing. This event is BYO Cannabis.


North Shore Bacon & Brew Fest @ Raymond J. Bourque Ice Arena
Aug 12 @ 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Bacon, beer, cider, music in an awesome venue = all your favorite things!

Unlimited sampling from craft beer & cider vendors with loads of bacon-centric treats from local restaurants.

Check our facebook page for the list of breweries & restaurants!

3 ticket options :

VIP ($65) – early entrance (3pm before the crowd), designated VIP lounge with exclusive beers, spirits and food available to VIPs ONLY, swag bag, preferred parking, unlimited sampling of food + beer + cider + spirits (spirits sampling from 3-5pm)

General Admission ($45) – admission at 3:30 + unlimited sampling of food + beer + cider

Designated Driver ($20) – special wristband for unlimited sampling of food only; must accompany friends on same ticket order (either VIP or General Admission)

This is a 21+ event – no exceptions!

Current list of vendors: (This will continue to grow!!)
BACON-related food:
A&B Burgers
Fibber McGee’s Bar and Grill
Karl’s Sausage Kitchen & European Market
Crave Café and Bakery
Melt Ice Cream
Maitland Mountain Farm
Amazing Pizza
The Naumkeag Ordinary
Finz Seafood and Grill
Plus platters of delicious, straight up, BACON!

Deacon Giles Distillery
Ryan & Wood, Inc., Distilleries
Rumson’s Rum

RiverWalk Brewing
Old Planters Brewing Co
Narragansett Beer
Far From The Tree Cider
Ipswich Ale Brewery
Gentile Brewing Company
Farmer Willie’s Craft Ginger Beer
Aeronaut Brewing Company
Mystic Brewery
Downeast Cider House
Down the Road Brewery
Cape Ann Brewing Company/The Pub at Cape Ann Brewing
Mayflower Brewing Company
von Trapp Brewing
Notch Brewing
Moon Hill Brewing Co.
Brazo Fuerte Artisanal Beer
Bantam Cider

Endicott College
Beverly Hospital
Beverly Crossing
Goldberg Properties
Brookwood Financial Partners
Station 101 Peabody Properties, Inc.
Sterling Insurance Agency
Institution for Savings
Meridian Associates, Inc.
The Remodeling Company
Todd Main Company
Beverly Arts District – BAD
Beverly Main Streets


The Rare Occasions at The Burren @ The Burren
Aug 12 @ 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm

The Rare Occasions will be closing out their summer tour on Saturday August 12th at The Burren in Davis Square!

Also appearing is pop-punk band Star-67.

The event is ALL AGES!

Tickets are available on the Burren’s website: https://tickets.burren.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=194

use promo code 24HOUR to save $2 off the ticket price.


Resonate, Sacred Lake, Instant Shawarma, Relapse + more! @ Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
Aug 12 @ 7:00 pm – Aug 13 @ 1:30 am

WEMF Radio presents:

Sacred Lake
Instant Shawarma
The Maxims
Rubyfruit Jungle

18+, Doors at 7pm
$10 Advance / $12 Day of Show



Elsewhere at Middle East @ Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
Aug 12 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Please send this link around tinyurl.com/elsewheremiddleeastaugust12

Mike Aroian and Elsewhere at The Middle East in Cambridge on Saturday night, August 12 at 8 pm, the main stage.
WEMF Radio presents:

Sacred Lake
Instant Shawarma
The Maxims
Rubyfruit Jungle

18+, Doors at 7pm
$10 Advance / $12 Day of Show…

Resonate has an Event Page for this same show as well


6th Annual Boston Seafood Festival @ Boston Seafood Festival
Aug 13 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

The Boston Fisheries Foundation welcomes you to join us for the 6th Annual Boston Seafood Festival on the historic Boston Fish Pier on Sunday, August 13th, 2017. This family-friendly event will be taking place from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM. It will be a day of sensational seafood tastings, clambakes and chef demos, educational events, and family fun.

Why have a seafood festival? Festival co-founder Joe Zanti, owner of Yankee Lobster Co., explains, “We want to offer a fun day to enjoy one of New England’s most important natural resources in a responsible and enjoyable way. We’ll be celebrating our maritime heritage together, and eating some really good food!”

General Admission: $15
VIP** (INCLUDES ADMISSION)*, VIP Tote bag, (2) Drinks from Beer Garden, (1) Lobster Bake Ticket: $80
Lobster Bake Ticket** (INCLUDES ADMISSION)*, (1) Lobster, Steamed Clams, Corn on the Cob, Pasta Salad and a Roll!: $50
Kids Ages 6-12 yrs.: $5


8.14 Grown Up Study Hall @ The Democracy Center
Aug 14 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Getting ready for September? Allston Christmas? The school year? The lease changeover? Come tackle your tasks with us!

We have goal setting worksheets, wifi, coffee, tea, and a chill community.

Coworking: Grown Up Study Hall!
1 pm – 5 pm (come-and-go is a-okay!)
45 Mt Auburn St
suggested donation: $5, to cover facilitator’s costs (no one turned away)

***The DC is not wheelchair accessible, for more information about our plans to improve accessibility or to discuss your accessibility needs, call 617 492 8855***

We’ll begin with a short goal setting exercise then check in with eachother halfway through. We’ll have space for quiet work as well as work that requires talking, playing music, etc.

We’re especially interested in bringing together folks who are working in progressive and social justice movements to gather in the same space, so bring whatever work you have (whether it’s a conference call or a workshop outline or a one-to-one meeting).

Totally optional: If you can bring a box of tea or some ground coffee to share, we’d appreciate it!

Work Your Dreams will also be collecting monetary donations to keep that work going. No donation required to participate!

artist credit: Jayy Dodd created our flyer and cover photo


Support the people of Gaza – Demand the Media Cover the Blackout @ Boston Public Library
Aug 14 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

We will gather in Copley Sq to shine light in support of the people of Gaza, many who are down to only 2 hours of electricity per day. Native Gazan and member of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation, Ayman Nijim, will be speaking about the ongoing crisis in Gaza. We will read poems and gather signatures demanding the NYT and Washington Post end the media blackout.

Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine
Cambridge Bethlehem People to People Project
Gaza Mental Health Foundation -http://www.gazamentalhealth.org
United for Justice with Peace
Massachusetts Against Hewlett-Packard
Massachusetts Peace Action
UUs for Justice in the Middle East-MA

Exact location: side steps of the Boston Public Library near the Copley T Stop.

More info:

A decade-long, deadly blockade denies people in Gaza access to nearly every aspect of a normal, decent life, from food and medicine to building supplies and electricity.

The Gaza power crisis has reached a critical point. On average, homes in Gaza have electricity for 2-4 hours daily and last week, for the first time, an entire 24-hour period passed without any electricity at all – and the consequences are deadly. But since bombs are not falling daily (for now), most of the the U.S. media is ignoring this unbelievable crisis.

Sign our petition to the New York Times and Washington Post: cover the Gaza power crisis and its root causes: siege, occupation, and displacement:



Vagina Monologues – presented by Haley House Bakery Cafe & Vday Belmont @ Haley House Bakery Café
Aug 16 @ 7:30 pm – Aug 17 @ 9:00 pm

The Vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler, are both funny and powerfully touching. They are real life stories told by women worldwide of all ages and from all socio-economic and cutural backrounds. Eve wanted women to stop being embarrassed about their vagina’s and their bodies as a whole so she decided to do something about it. She asked women around the world questions like, “How they felt about their vaginas,” and “If their vagina’s could talk, what would it say”?. Their answers, emotions and stories varied and through these powerful testimonies, Eve profoundly created The Vagina Monologues.


NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally 2017 @ NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally
Aug 17 @ 9:00 am – Aug 20 @ 7:00 pm

NH’s Original Music & Arts Festival With Music , National Cannabis Legalization Guest Speakers , Craft venders , Food Venders , Comedians , Live art & more!


Sunset Cinema: Cool Hand Luke
Aug 17 @ 6:30 pm – 10:15 pm

MFA Film is thrilled to present Sunset Cinema, a free open-air theater with screenings on the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s Huntington lawn! Join us on August 17 for the 1967 classic “Cool Hand Luke,” lauded as one of the greatest films of all time.

We suggest bringing a blanket or low chair, a picnic supper, and nonalcoholic beverages to enjoy during the film. Beer, wine and snacks are available for purchase. Lawn games; 60s soul, funk and R&B by DJ John Funke of Soulelujah; and art-making activities begin at 6:30 pm. The film starts at sundown, around 8 pm.

Before the film, travel back to the psychedelic era of the 1960s and ’70s and join local artist Charlotte Hamlin to discover tie-dye techniques and styles and make your own tie-dye to bring home. All art-making materials will be provided.

The hard-hitting drama “Cool Hand Luke” follows petty criminal Luke Jackson (Paul Newman) who is sentenced to two years in a Florida prison farm. Luke refuses to play by the rules of the sadistic warden (Strother Martin) or the yard’s resident heavy, Dragline (George Kennedy, in an Oscar-winning role). Luke’s bravado in the face of his oppressors makes him a rebel hero to his fellow convicts, and a thorn in the side of the prison officers. Part of MFA Film’s series “Feed Your Head: Films from 1967,” “Cool Hand Luke” embodies the defiance of a generation who took on the establishment to end a war.

The Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Film Program at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is funded by the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation. “Sunset Cinema” is supported by the Carlotte and Samuel Berk Fund.


Live Monkey #? @ The Monkey Palace
Aug 17 @ 8:00 pm – 11:59 pm

Erica Russo – Asheville, NC
hauntingly melodic sound that combines her singularly dreamy style of folk with grittier, indie-pop sensibilities

Liz Bills & Friends – Haverhill, MA
folk, pop, acoustic, country, r&b, soul

Little Musket
sadcore country, like Patsy Cline but goth

Chris O’Grady
stepping out from Troll 2 to play a few of his own

BYOB, please bring donations for the hard working artists providing us all with a great night

This is a residential neighborhood. Please enter and exit quietly, out of respect to my neighbors who go to sleep earlier than us. Do not hang out outside, period. We have a smoking space in the back you can use.

Don’t park in the gravel lot next to the house. You will get towed. Street parking is free in this neighborhood.

The Monkey Palace strives to be a safe space for all (except nazis and assholes) Please help us in doing this by respecting each other. If you can’t do that, you will be removed


Biggest Fun Ever 2K17 @ West End House Boys and Girls Club
Aug 18 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

On August 18th the West End House Boys and Girls Club will be hosting the 3rd Annual Biggest Fun Ever, an event in memory of our alumna and co-worker Dawnn Jaffier to celebrate her life’s work guiding and supporting Boston’s youth. This event has become a meaningful way for our community to celebrate a beautiful life that was taken from us too soon.

Last year, we welcomed more than 300 community members for a block party that featured an alumni basketball tournament, free family activities, music, performances, and food. This year we will be doing the same!

We hope to see you there!

Music by Hypatonez Intl
Alumni Basktetball Tournament
Dunk Tank
Balloon Twisting by Steven Balloons
Amazing food prepared with love from our West End House team
Boston Police Department (Official) Ice Cream Truck


Nick And The Adversaries, Threat Level Burgundy, Troll 2 And The Screw-Ups! @ O'Brien's Pub
Aug 18 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Nick And The Adversaries, Threat Level Burgundy, Troll 2, The Screw-Ups at O’Brien’s Pub


Spirit Level ✱ Ziemba ✱ Bong Wish ✱ Hnry Flwr @ Deep Thoughts JP
Aug 18 @ 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm

I’m soon overwhelmed by olfactory hues…

jazzy ballads for the lounge of Heartbreak Hotel
(mems Peach Ring and Negative One)

palatable & spooky Disney songs from an extra-planetary new character (who brews perfumes)

ethereal solo set from Boston’s premiere folk star

cyber pop

Upcoming in-stores at Deep Thoughts
all shows “start” at 8:30 and are $5-$10 donation for touring musicians

7.22 KTB, Ehnahre, Diabolical Fiend, Myocastor Corpus

7.24 Haag, Pucker Up, Jim Leonard Band, SCUM

7.28 Mark McGuire (Emeralds), John Bohannon, Bastian Void, !@#$%

8.13 Casual Burn (New Orleans), Andy California, Love Strangers, American Whip Appeal

8.18 Spirit Level, Ziemba, Bong Wish, Hnry Flwr

8.26 Steep Leans, Laser Background, Sun Young, We Can All Be Sorry

9.10 Caddywhompus (New Orleans), more TBA


1199SEIU Annual Health Fair @ Franklin Park
Aug 19 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Let’s celebrate our families, our communities and quality care. As we build our Unity and Power, we want to celebrate our hard work too!

Join us on Saturday, August 19 for our Annual 1199SEIU Health Fair. Enjoy entertainment, free food, games and much more. Fun for the whole family!

Saturday, August 19
12PM to 6PM
Franklin Park Playstead
1 Franklin Park Road, Dorchester, MA 02121
(between White Stadium and zoo rear entrance)

For more information, please call 617-284-1199.


8.19 Queer Prisoner Support | Allston @ Swissbäkers
Aug 19 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

It’s high summer, and we’re here to support queer prisoners and prison abolition, until there is a world without cages!

Come read letters, connect prisoners to resources, celebrate birthdays, and share nerdy side commentary at the weekly Allston drop in.

Join us for wholesome work, mouthy community, and lots of love.

***Please bring a laptop and your charger.***

If you can’t bring a laptop, please come anyway (we’d appreciate if you comment that you’ll be coming without a computer). You can participate meaningfully in writing birthday and Pride cards to our incarcerated family.

12-3 pm
EVERY Saturday
Swissbakers in Allston

this location is wheelchair accessible
about 2 minutes from the the 66, 86, and immediately off the 70/70a bus routes
CHILDREN ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND and can participate in outreach by drawing on cards
There is a gender neutral, wheelchair accessible bathroom with a changing table
There is a parking lot with wheelchair accessible spots

We will:
– read mail from our incarcerated family and get them signed up for our newsletter and penpal service
– share stories and words from the mail we read
– write birthday cards to incarcerated folks in MA and around the country
– type up newsletter and zine submissions

And we’ll make space to talk about our pen-pals, prison abolition under a Trump administration, killing queer characters, institutional racism, alcohol companies exploiting a vulnerable population at Pride, and other topics for polite conversation.

We host two other drop ins weekly:
Sundays, 3-6 pm, at Encuentro 5 Downtown (not wheelchair accessible)
Wednesdays, 7-9 pm, at First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain (wheelchair accessible)


Pirate camera mapping picnic @ Parkman Bandstand
Aug 19 @ 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Saturday, August 19th we will have a picnic and map surveillance cameras in downtown Boston. We will meet near the Parkman Bandstand on Boston Common starting at noon.

The schedule is:

noon-1pm: food and training;
1pm-2:30pm: map cameras;
2:30pm-3:30pm: come back and debrief.

We would appreciate it if you told us you will be there by clicking on the ticket link and submitting the form. Thanks!


2017 DSNI Multicultural Festival @ Mary Hannon Playground
Aug 19 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

For over 30 years, DSNI has utilized the arts and culture to build resident power and resist displacement in Dudley and Dorchester. Ever year, about 500 community members gather to celebrate our vibrant cultural diversity and shared vision for change.

Event highlights will include: colorful stage performances, traditional music/dances, martial arts, circus, sports, clinics, recreation games, face painting, inflatable entertainment, and a wide array of food and crafts from the cultures of the neighborhood: Cape Verdean, Latino, Afro-Caribbean, African American, Asian, and beyond.


– Event information: Ramona Alexander at ralexander@dsni.org
– Sponsorship opportunities: Joceline Fidalgo at jfidalgo@dsni.org
– To volunteer, sign up at bit.ly/mcfvolunteer!
– Check out www.dsni.org/mcf


Boston Anarcho Fest – Omega Tribe @ DIY Headquarters
Aug 20 @ 12:00 pm – Aug 21 @ 11:00 pm


Sunday, Aug 20: 9am- 10pm
Monday, Aug 21: 6pm – 10pm

Are you a collective or anarchist group that would like to table this event? Or would you like to volunteer?

Volunteers needed:
Sound Person
Gear Person
Merch Table
Water/Bev Table


Omega Tribe
No Sir I wont
Medusa Stare
Funeral Cone
Life Once Flourished Here
Sisters of Shadow


Urban Gardening – Yem and Katrid
How to record your own Album – Alison, LRC
Screenprinting – Megan, LRC
Women/Femme intro to Percussion – Rainy, LRC
Harmreduction Series: Narcan Traning – Sarah and Christopher, Victory Programs
Harm reduction Series: Bystandard Intervention Training as a response to Racism, Sexual Harrassment, and General Abuses of Power – BARCC
Zine Making – Nyxia Grey
Know your rights 101
How to start a record label – Serf’s Up
Women’s self defense – IMPACT!

Free zines will be coordinated by Nyxia Grey, Zine QUEEN from Simmon’s College

Anarchist Bookfair
Food not Bombs
Papercut Zine Library
E.R.A. (Equal Rights for all Assholes)
Women’s Liberation
Brazilian Worker Center
Ladies Rock Camp
Lucy Parsons Center and Bookstore


12 – 6pm Saturday 19th followed by bands, locals only.
Please contact ERA or Crusty Ghost if you would like to table @flea market

Please note that the DC is not wheelchair accessable but due to the dilegence and hardwork of some awesome people, it will be by Aug 2017



Ward 4 Ice Cream Social – feat City Council Pres Michelle Wu @ Titus Sparrow Park
Aug 20 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Join neighbors, friends, and local Dems for good ice cream, good toppings, good weather, and good company.

Co-hosted by the Boston Ward 4 Democratic Committee and City Council President Michelle Wu


Kenny Selcer & Steve Gilligan at The Almost Acoustic Sundays @ Bull Mansion
Aug 20 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

First time here at this wonderful music series, Almost Acoustic Sundays at Bull Mansion.

Kenny Selcer and Stephen L Gilligan will be playing up a storm from 4-7 on the patio if it’s sunny and in the bistro if it rains.

Come on out! Bring your friends.

“Kenny Selcer and Steve Gilligan are warm, eclectic performers who plays a wide range of material: folk rock, blues, jam and reggae. The stunning guitar work and intimate vocals keep audiences asking for more. They play known classics with original spice, as well as originals that will get you tapping your feet and singing along.”



Match Night w #DeeperThanWater @ Encuentro 5
Aug 20 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Join #DeeperThanWater – an abolitionist coalition working to tell the story of incarceration and water injustice in Massachusetts (and across the country ) while holding the state accountable by demanding the immediate provision of clean, safe, free, healthy water to prisoners effected by contaminated water.

Join us to learn more AND get connected to prisoners in MA, so we can build solidarity and relationships with our incarcerated family.
Sunday, August 20
encuentro 5 – 9a Hamilton Pl (accessibility info below)
4-6 pm

Last month, the Boston Globe broke the old story of MCI Norfolk – black and brown water, contaminated with metal filings and manganese. Our contacts inside the prison, and nearby prisons, confirm the story of nearly century-old piping producing unsafe water, and tell the story of dogs being given free bottled water while prisoners must use the contaminated tap water. The state and DOJ have consistently kicked the can down the road on resolving the situation.

If you don’t have a subscription, here is the article on a Google page: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AWUba9UpCAFDroaiyn7xSMzK6SfX-2PCAbFiHpE01tM/edit?usp=sharing

One building block of our campaign is real connections with prisoners – so join us for August’s match night, learn about the issues, and get connected to a person who needs your support! We’ll lay out the campaign issues, and coach you through your first letter.

– encuentro 5 is right off Park St Station next to the Orpheum

encuentro 5 is not wheelchair accessible; we are happy to bring this type of event to other venues and groups, please DM Elizabeth Rucker (co host) to set that up.

There are about 8 steps total to get into the space

Let us know if you need:
– ASL or other translation services
– child care

help us keep the space scent free by not wearing perfumes or scented lotions, and keeping them sealed while in the space

there will be plenty of seating at this event

there are 2 gender neutral bathrooms

cover image description: a brown person with short hair and a pink shirt looks to their right at a white person with short hair and glasses. Over the image in white text the question “how do you balance abolition and a commitment to immediate needs?”


Building Community Resilience: Holistic Activism – Northampton @ Iconica Social Club
Aug 22 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

In this interactive workshop, we will invite you to explore with us various empowerment tools in the realm of:

* Holistic Activism
* Community Building + Organizational Strategies
* Structure/Formation of Freedom Cells
* Creating HUMAN ~ Holistic Uprising: Massachusetts Action Network
* Transitional, Community Empowerment Tactics
* Alternative Solutions: Agorism/Counter-Economics

Who we are: Tony and Bri are both heart-centered activists focused on environmental and social justice and artistic activism. Tony Geren is an inspirational musician + freelance journalist from Grand Rapids, MI where he co-created GRASS, Grand Rapids Autonomous Support System. He is the founder of The Unified City Project. Bri Elizabeth is based in Western MA and is a studying herbalist, mother, holistic health counselor + vocalist and an active member of Sugar Shack Alliance working to resist new fossil fuel infrastructure.
We share a vision of peaceful, resilient culture as an alternative to an oppressive, imbalanced system.

~ Supported by the Unified City Project and The Freedom Cell Network ~

We are SO excited to facilitate this workshop at Iconica, the new + groovin’ social club/juice and coffee bar in Noho. If you would like some of their organic delicious fresh cold-pressed juice, we ask for a $3-5 contribution and we will pass the hat to cover rental space although there is absolutely no obligation to donate.

Peace and Love.


Charlie Don’t Surf Live Joe Strummer Birthday Bash! @ Midway Cafe
Aug 22 @ 8:00 pm – Aug 23 @ 12:30 am

Charlie Don’t Surf a tribute to The Clash live @ The Midway Cafe
Doors at 8PM
$5 cover
21 + event

Garbage Point 830 pm

Cook Bag 930 pm

Charlie Don’t Surf 1030 pm

Climate Change Band 1130 pm


The Living End at ONCE Ballroom @ ONCE Somerville
Aug 22 @ 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm
$24.00 – $27.00


The Living End “storm all over the boundaries between punk, reggae, rockabilly and plain old rock & roll and it sounds like a revelation, years after the Clash did it.” Rolling StoneSince their early beginnings busking around the streets of Melbourne, Australia in 1994, The Living End has gone on to place number one on the album charts twice, had four platinum albums accredited to them, been awarded the APRA “Australian Song of the Year”, been nominated for 28 Australian Recording Industry Awards (ARIAs) and taken home six. They’ve played world tours, ute musters, seedy clubs and every festival around the globe, touring with bands like AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, The Offspring, Green Day, Rancid, No Doubt, Blink-182, Jet, Pennywise and Dropkick Murphys


Hard Candies Seminar
Aug 23 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Wednesday August 23rd from 6:30-8:30pm at the Cannabis Consultancy of Connecticut. Sinsemilla Seminars will be holding a Hard Candies class. Learn how to make your own cannabis infused you own hard candy with a live demo! Please note no cannabis on site.

Some of the topics are:

Laws in New England

How to obtain cannabis safely

Understanding Strains (Cannabinoids, Flavinoids, and terpenes)

Brief overview of the Endocannabinoid system

Decarboxylating your medicine (times& temps)

Dosing your edibles

How to make cannabis butters and oils for cooking

Cannabis recipes

The importance of testing, packing and storage of edibles

Live hard candy demo

Tickets can be purchaced at the door or eventbrite.

General Admission is $65

Veterans Discount is $50

Seniors Discount is $50

Medical Marijuana Patients: $50

Out of State: $50

Discount for Two: Two tickets for $100

Early Bird Special only going until August 17th: $50

There are a limited number of seats, please plan accordingly.

This event is brought to you by Sinsemilla Seminars, Cannabis Consultants of CT, CannaHealth, and Women Grow CT





Instructor: Ellen Taylor Brown

Ellen Taylor Brown

Cannabis Advocate, Master Cultivator, Educator, U.S Veteran

Pro MAX Grow’s Educational Ambassador and Master Cultivator, Ellen Taylor Brown has mentored 100’s of cannabis growers throughout the U.S. over the last 10 years. Ellen’s extensive knowledge and first hand industry experience has made her a sought after cannabis expert. A veteran of the United States Air Force, Ellen was awarded the Air Combat Command – Nutritional Medicine Airman of the Year award in 2008.

As founder of Sinsemilla Seminars, Ellen Brown has taught thousands of students, patients and caregivers from all over the country in large classroom settings to freelance consulting in the marijuana industry for the last decade. Ellen’s educational outreach specializes in sustainable cannabis cultivation, best practices and how to create a multitude of cannabis by products from tinctures to edibles. A prominent advocate and educator, Ellen has spoken all over the world including the Northeastern Cannabis Institute, the Boston Freedom Rally and the High Times Jamaica Cannabis Cup, using her knowledge to inspire others to become their own best advocates.

Ellen uses her tremendous skillset to set up her students and clients for success in the cannabis industry. She continues to impart her years of wisdom and experience as a way to help create a much needed paradigm shift on a failing war on drugs. She believes that if we teach each other about the benefits of cannabis and hemp plant that we will be able to secure the plant’s safety for future generations. In an industry that is evolving, growing and thriving we need teachers and advocates who will empower and lead by example such as she has.


Emo Night Boston w/ The White Belts & Nemes as Fall Out Boy @ The Sinclair
Aug 24 @ 8:00 pm – 11:59 pm

Emo Night Boston presents
White Belts & Nemes as Fall Out Boy
Guest DJS Save Ends

doors 8pm / 21+ / $5


NH Cannabis Freedom Festival 2017 Band Line Up @ Roger's Campground & Motel
Aug 25 @ 9:00 am – Aug 27 @ 6:00 pm

This is happening & you’re invited!! <3 <3 <3

Join Us in Supporting CANNABIS FREEDOM in New Hampshire!!

A Cannabis Education Festival of Music, Art, Love & Freedom
NH Cannabis Freedom Festival
Aug 25-26-27, 2017
Roger’s Campground & Motels
Lancaster, NH