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Social Justice – Activism – Politics 


We bring you the voices of the 99%, marginalized  and oppressed communities worldwide, new shows, and writers from many perspectives. We are proud to have originated as Occupy Boston Radio and support people’s movements worldwide.

Why we do what we do: To decrease human suffering and to promote human values of equality and justice


Activate Media Website Raffle

In order to raise our much-needed funding Activate Media is holding a raffle for a Free Website! Each person that donates $2o gets one entry into our Raffle for a free website, and donations of $50 or more will get 3 entries (some restrictions apply). This will be a wordpress site 3-5 pages, and will not include any e-commerce, database or archives. Winner responsible for all setup of domain and hosting and fees required by hosting. Winner also responsible for providing content, and maintenance once the site is developed. No pornographic or offensive sites. One entry per donation and you can enter as often as you’d like. Drawing held once our goal of $1000 is met. Good Luck!

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